Left to Right:
1st Row: Mrs. White, Ann Cantrell, Tommy Wiggins, Billy Brown, Collette Fuller, Thomas Johnson, William Barefield
2nd Row: Lloyd Clark, Jerry benefield, Jimmy Maxwell, JoAnn ?, Marjorie Hammond, Martha Hammons, Jim Muse, Unknown1
3rd Row: Tommy Waller, Davis Favor, Unknown2, Unknown3, Unknown4, Bill Yeargan, Cerita Frasure
4th Row: Joyce Watkins, Unknown5, Unknown6, Unknown7, Unknown8, Unknown9, Unknown10

Mrs Carson 7th Grade - 1952

Left to Right:
1st Row: William Barefield, Tommy Wiggins, Mike Brooks, Kendall Taylor, Unknown1
2nd Row: Marlin Morris, Billy Hall, Billy Kingan, Jimmy Maxwell, Billy Brown, Tommy Waller, Davis Favor
3rd Row: Charles Wilson, Unknown2, Bill Ness, Garland Hale, Billy Morgan, Jim Muse

Left to Right:
1st Row: Thomas Johnson, Tommy Waller, Kenneth Hocsh, Ross Hill, Marlin Morris, William Benefield
2nd Row: Lillian Allen, Barbara Murden, Sue Hanson, Betty Jane Waits, Patsy Rogers, Rosemary Williams, Sandra Benefield, Collette Fuller, Ann Cantrell
3rd Row: Martha Hammond, LuVera Robertson, Diane Minton, Marilyn Haney, Nancy Brown, Lucretia Bell, Shannon Stroud, Martha Ann Dennis, Rebecca Shelton, Nelda Dudley, Miss Carson
4th Row: Bobby Moye, Jerry Webb, Michael Pruitt, Junior Hale, Bill Ness, Bill Lindsey, James Collins,

Carlton Tomason, Billy Chandler, Gene Couch

Safety Patrol - 1952

Mrs Anderson 7th Grade - 1952

Harris Street Elementary

Miss Lovett 4th Grade - 1950

Mrs White 4th Grade - 1950

​C l a s s  o f  1 9 5 8

​​​​​​​​​​​Russell High School

Left to Right:
1st Row: Billy Hall, Kendall Taylor, Bill McMichen, Billy Brown, Tommy Wiggins, Bobby Bryant
2nd Row: Nara Sykes, Linda Tony, Sue Edison, Carole Bauknight, Marjorie Hammond, Joyce Watkins, Ruth Robinson, Ada Jean Parker, Unknown1
3rd Row: Billy Keenum, Cerita Frasure, Unknown2, Unknown3, Mary Starr, Judith Ann Porter, Blanche Moss, Pat Berry, Unknown4, Jimmy Maxwell
4th Row: Miss Anderson, Davis Favor, Bill Morgan, Jim Muse, Thad Reid, Charles Wilson, Jerry Haynes, Lloyd Clark, Jerry Benefield, Doyle Price

Please let us know if you remember the names of the unknowns.