​C l a s s  o f  1 9 5 8

​​​​​​​​​​​Russell High School

Safety Patrol - 1952

Left to Right:
1st Row: Billy Hall, Kendall Taylor, Bill McMichen, Billy Brown, Tommy Wiggins, Bobby Bryant
2nd Row: Nara Sykes, Linda Tony, Sue Edison, Carole Bauknight, Marjorie Hammond, Joyce Watkins, Ruth Robinson, Ada Jean Parker, Unknown1
3rd Row: Billy Keenum, Cerita Frasure, Unknown2, Unknown3, Mary Starr, Judith Ann Porter, Blanche Moss, Pat Berry, Unknown4, Jimmy Maxwell
4th Row: Miss Anderson, Davis Favor, Bill Morgan, Jim Muse, Thad Reid, Charles Wilson, Jerry Haynes, Lloyd Clark, Jerry Benefield, Doyle Price

Mrs Anderson 7th Grade - 1952

Please let us know if you remember the names of the unknowns.

Harris Street Elementary

Miss Lovett 4th Grade - 1950

Mrs White 4th Grade - 1950

Left to Right:
1st Row: Mrs. White, Ann Cantrell, Tommy Wiggins, Billy Brown, Collette Fuller, Thomas Johnson, William Barefield
2nd Row: Lloyd Clark, Jerry benefield, Jimmy Maxwell, JoAnn ?, Marjorie Hammond, Martha Hammons, Jim Muse, Unknown1
3rd Row: Tommy Waller, Davis Favor, Unknown2, Unknown3, Unknown4, Bill Yeargan, Cerita Frasure
4th Row: Joyce Watkins, Unknown5, Unknown6, Unknown7, Unknown8, Unknown9, Unknown10

Mrs Carson 7th Grade - 1952

Left to Right:
1st Row: William Barefield, Tommy Wiggins, Mike Brooks, Kendall Taylor, Unknown1
2nd Row: Marlin Morris, Billy Hall, Billy Kingan, Jimmy Maxwell, Billy Brown, Tommy Waller, Davis Favor
3rd Row: Charles Wilson, Unknown2, Bill Ness, Garland Hale, Billy Morgan, Jim Muse

Left to Right:
1st Row: Thomas Johnson, Tommy Waller, Kenneth Hocsh, Ross Hill, Marlin Morris, William Benefield
2nd Row: Lillian Allen, Barbara Murden, Sue Hanson, Betty Jane Waits, Patsy Rogers, Rosemary Williams, Sandra Benefield, Collette Fuller, Ann Cantrell
3rd Row: Martha Hammond, LuVera Robertson, Diane Minton, Marilyn Haney, Nancy Brown, Lucretia Bell, Shannon Stroud, Martha Ann Dennis, Rebecca Shelton, Nelda Dudley, Miss Carson
4th Row: Bobby Moye, Jerry Webb, Michael Pruitt, Junior Hale, Bill Ness, Bill Lindsey, James Collins,

Carlton Tomason, Billy Chandler, Gene Couch