​​​​​​​​Russell High School

Left to Right:
1st Row: Jerry White, unknown, Paul Timms, Bobby Reynolds, LeRoy Cooper, Tommy Wise, unknown
2nd Row: unknown, Cecilia Dunn, Beryl Barron, unknown, unknown, unknown, Betty Ann Runion, Janis Higgins, Meryl Duke, Mary Ellen Burtz
3rd Row: Al Phillips, unknown, unknown, Amy Garrison, Peggy Mays, Marilyn Haney, Juanita Shipp, Carl Driskell, unknown, Roy Bishop, Stuart Starett
4th Row: Robert Williams, Tommy Powell, unknown, unknown, Jimmy Hembree, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown

Please let us know if you remember the names of the unknowns.

Left to Right:
1st Row: Robert Williams, Elaine Scott, Unknown1, Douglas Chatham, Danny Rush, Unknown2
2nd Row: Unknown3, Unknown4, Unknown5, Jimmy Hembree, Nan Clements, Frank Leming, Unknown6, Johnny Vaught, Betty Ann Runion
3rd row: Unknown7, Unknown8, Kay Scott, Carole Bauknight, Unknown9, Corine Bennington, Mary Ellen Burtz, Kay Clonts, Rose Ann Kidd
4th Row: Stuart Starett, David Cook, Bill Surls, Unknown10, Unknown11, Terrell Martin, Russell Alsabrook, Bob ?, Unknown12

Mrs. Staton's 7th Grade - May 1953

Mrs. Martin's 7th Grade - May 1953

Left to Right
1st Row: Ralph Jones, Ray Drake, Unknown8, Wayne Hudson, Ralph Barron
2nd Row: Rose Ann Kidd, Dale Gaskins, Robbie Poole, Janis Higgins, Jean Powell, Merle Duke, Corine Bennington, Mary Ellen Burtz, Unknown6
3rd Row: Robert Jennings, Jean Beard, Becky Hemperly, Unknown4, Wilma Whited, Edna Martin, Bill Surls, Miss Tucker
4th Row: Unknown1, Unknown2, Unknown3, Jim Vaughn, Joe Doris, Al Phillips

Mrs. Wise 3rd Grade - April 1949

Miss Rawlins' 5th Grade - May 1951

Left to Right
1st Row: Leroy cooper, Unknown16, Tommy Wise, Unknown17, Ray Drake, Bob Smith
2nd Row: Unknown7, Unknown8, Sandra Brown, Kay Clonts, Sandra Stallings, Unknown12, Unknown13, Unknown14, Unknown15
3rd Row: Robwert Williams, Eddie Herring, Douglas Chatham, David Cook, Mitchell Gibson, Jimmy Hembree, Jimmy couch, Stuart Starett, Mrs. Staton
4th Row: Unknown1, Unknown2, Wanda Smith, Unknown4, Roy Collins

Mrs Jenkins' 4th Grade - April 1950

Miss North 6th Grade - 1952

Miss Tucker's 7th Grade - May 1953

Left to Right
1st Row: Unknown1, Ralph Barron, Leroy Cooper, Unknown12, Bobby Reynolds, Jerry White
2nd Row: Becky Hemperly, Sandra Stallings, Sue Ellen Woodall, Beryl Barron, Sandra Brown, Elaine Scott, Patsy Leverett, Dale Gaskins, Brenda Eason
3rd Row: Robert Williams, Joe Wimberly, Danny Rush, John Vaught, Jimmy Hembree, Denny McDuffie, Tommy Waller, Joe Doris, Stuart Starrett, Unknown 24
4th Row: Clyde Daily, Dick ?, Mitchell Gibson, Nathan Hamilton, Robert Robinson, Kay Scott, Al Phillips, Carl Driskell, Eddie Herring, Bill Surls

Left to Right
1st Row: ?, Bobby Reynolds, Richard Bullard, Ralph Barron, Billy Isler, Bobby Mathis
2nd Row: Jane Ellen Woodall, ?, Robbie Poole, Jean Powell, Patsy Leverette, Janice Thompson, Dale Gaskins, Florrie McGregor, ?, Jean Beard
3rd Row: Stuart Starrett, ?, Sandra Brown, ?, Amy Garrison, Barbara Nesbitt, Juanita Shipp, Robert Jennings, Bill Surls, Jimmy Couch, Mrs. North
4th Row: Eddie Herren, Mitchell Gibson, David Knonnemen, David Cook, Terrell Martin, Jimmy Wages, Jimmy Hembree, Benson Brady

Left to Right
1st Row: Dolores Wallace, Rose Ann Kidd, Shirley Starr, Jane Ellen Woodall
2nd Row: Ray Drake, Betty Ann Runion, Bob ?, Patsy Leverett, Danny Rush, Corine Bennington, Robert Williams (?), Elaine Scott, Doug Chatham
3rd Row: Frank Leming, Barbara Haney, Brenda Eason, Grace ?, unknown, Thelma Belew, Mary Ellen Burtz, Marie Jesse, Ford M.?
4th Row: Jimmy Hembree, Terrell Martin, Stuart Starrett, David Belcher, Danny Green, Hank ?, Gene Baggett, David Cook

Safety Patrol - May 1953

Left to Right
1st Row: Jimmy Orr, Richard ?, Larry Andrews, Dickie McWilliams, Newman Richardson, Joe Wimberly
2nd Row: Thelma Ballew, Shirley Starr, Barbara ?, Connie Babb, Eulondia Russell, Janice Thompson,

Jean McDaniel, Patsy Leverette, Beryl Barron
3rd Row: Mrs. Martin, Belton Hollums, Carl Driskell, Russell alsabrook, Benson Brady, Nathan Hamilton
4th Row: Thomas Miller, Terrell Martin, Nancy McClure, Harry ?, Ray Collins, Curtis Witherington

Central Park Elementary School

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