​C l a s s  o f  1 9 5 8

​​​​​​​​​​​Russell High School

Please let us know if you remember the names of the unknowns.

Left to Right:
1st Row: Ray Miller, Unknown1, Fred Salter, Unknown2, Denny McDuffie, Ralph Barron
2nd Row: Jim Vaughn, Delores Wallace, Belton Hollums, Janice Thompson, Unknown3, Peggy Mays, Bobby Reynolds, Cecilia Dunn, Paul Timms
3rd Row: Merle Duke, Nancy Almond, Unknown4, Mitchell Gibson, Jere Ann Chapman, Unknown5, Judith Ann Porter, David Cawthon, Unknown6, Unknown7
4th Row: Jean Beard, Roy Bishop, Nancy McClure, Juanita Shipp, John Larrymore, Unknown8, Unknown9, Uknown10, Ray Collins, Roy Collins, Unknown11

Left to Right:
1st Row: Judith Ann Porter, Unknown1, Cecilia Dunn, Ray Drake, Unknown2, Unknown3, Delores Wallace, Ralph Barron, Peggy Mays, Unknown4, LeRoy Cooper
2nd Row: Carol Campbell, Ray Collins, Roy Collins, Unknown5, Unknown6, Al Phillips, Jim Vaughn, John Larrymore, Ken Duran, Robbie Poole, Unknown7, Larry McCallahan, Denny McDuffie, Jean Beard
3rd Row: Unknown8, Mitchell Gibson, Roy Bishop, Unknown9, David Cawthon, Nancy McClure, Tommy Maloch, Nancy Almond, Amy Garrison, Unknown10, Unknown11, Miss Genevieve Cox

Mrs. Lawrence 1st Grade - 1946

Left to Right:
1st Row: Bobby Reynolds, Belton Hollums, Unknown1, Unknown2, Ralph Barron, Unknown3
2nd Row: Unknown4, Unknown5, Unknown6, Shirley Starr, Jean Beard, Janice Thompson Cecilia Dunn
3rd Row: Unknown7, Janis Higgins, Jere Ann Chapman, Merle Duke, Unknown8, Unknown9, Unknown10, Juanita Shipp
4th Row: Roy Bishop, Roy Collins, Unknown11, Unknown12, Jim Vaughn, John Larrymore

Church Street Elementary

Mrs. Jarrett 2nd Grade - 1947

Miss Cox 3rd Grade - 1948