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​​​​​​​​​​​Russell High School


Birthday: January 28

4783 E. Highway 34, Sharpsburg, GA 30277
H-770-755-9353  C-404-324-0072


Connie Pearl Campbell

I loved high school … cheerleading, ballgames, great friends and fun. How fortunate we were to have lived in an era of higher moral standards where we called good “good” and bad “bad”, and we felt safe walking down the street even at night. Weren’t we just so blessed in those days?

​Since high school, I have worked in the medical field for two great doctors, and I really enjoyed my career. I have a wonderful son, Barry Bullard, and a fine step daughter, Angela Bratcher Cusick, and a fine son-in-law, Pat Cusick. I also have two step grandchildren, but we all dropped the “step” a long time ago! My husband, Ron, was killed in an accident five years ago, and we all really miss him! But God is faithful, and He has been good to us through it all!

In 1999, I was impressed to keep writing Christian poetry. My son insisted they had to be out there for people to see, so he set up a website. The poems kept coming to me, and I kept writing and adding them to the website. After having so much positive response from people all over the world, we felt the poems needed to be put into book form. God blessed me with a great team, and we were able to get five books of Christian poetry into print. I’m so thankful for the way God has blessed my life, and I give Him praise for how He has used this ministry to touch others. To Him be the glory!