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​​​​​​​​​​​Russell High School


Deceased April 18, 2011

collette fuller


I am a lucky person!  Right now I live between Florida with my long-time/long-distance companion.  We were able to begin spending our lives together in 2006 here in his Florida home.  I have kept my Spokane house and visit there a couple of times a year.  Neil is a good bit older than I and isn’t able to travel cross country with me.  Neil is a retired Episcopal priest and then he went on to teach at the University of N. Florida and retired from there too.  Neil’s interests are philosophy and theology (you probably guessed that one).  My interests are more focused on nature, out of doors, and stuff like that.  I said I’m lucky, and in great part it’s because I am still healthy and able to move around.  I have gray hair, some wrinkles and some unwelcomed weight around the middle.  I’m trying to make friends with this new body that keeps changing on me!  I like to go kayaking and hiking, tent camping, that sort of thing.  I have two daughters—one lives here in Florida (2 children) and one lives in the San Francisco Bay area (3 children).  Again, I’m lucky because they’re all healthy and relatively trouble free.   From 1958 to 2008 we have seen a lot of changes, haven’t we.  Things our grandchildren take for granted.  Civil rights, integration, space shots, and the big one for me—all this electronic/wireless technology.  Our grandchildren were born into a world where not many people remember what it is to wind a clock or dial a telephone.  I wonder what’s next…….  Have a great time celebrating 50 YEARS!  50!  My gosh.  Love, Collette